TERMS & COnditions


By submitting information on the Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Inc. ("our practice" or "we") website, you ("I") agree to the following:

I consent to transmitting my information electronically via online forms and e-mail. As a convenience to both patients and our practice, our practice often relies upon email to communicate with you about your healthcare. In order to comply with the Federal Government's privacy guidelines (HIPAA), we are required to inform you that although our email and computers require a login and password, our emails are secure but not encrypted.  Encrypted servers require a separate login and password, in addition to your regular email login and password. Often, these extra security steps undo the convenience that makes email attractive. If you would like to communicate with the doctors and /or staff in our practice via email, we ask that you provide us with informed consent.  I understand that my email communications with physicians of Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Inc. are secure but not encrypted.  However, I would like to communicate via email and understand the risks.